We believe that horse training is not merely about getting results but about creating a bond for life.


None of us is able to spend as much time with our horses as we would like, but it is not the quantity of time that builds healthy working relationships, but rather the quality of that time.

Relationship Training is not rider teaching horse. Nor is it horse teaching rider.

Rather, it is creating the right environment. A right environment creates the most productive set of emotional and physical boundaries possible.

It creates an environment in which two beings can understand each other.

The ability to act as one with one´s horse is the most sought after skill for riders of all disiciplines at all levels.

It requires open, two-way communication between horse and rider. It can easily be obtained, but by no means does it come quickly.

To secure a true partnering relatonship and forge open communication with your horse, very specific tools are needed, the most important of which is time.

There is a relationship of trust, harmony, and respect born of a way of life that is all but lost.
The specialized tool most critical in communicating with your horse openly is time. Time is also the single most important tool when developing a oneness wiht your horse.

When developing a relationship with your horse, there is no substitute for spending time together.

The young mares watch the birthgiving and upbringing of foals so that they themselves can obtain the ability to become loving and caring mothers.

All we do.... is done...

with the outmost respect and love

for our horses.